About fletcher

  • Off-street car parking, indoor bike parking
  • Laundry facilities
  • Access to collective goodies like books, piano, art supplies, office supplies, and tools
  • Many energy efficiency renovations
  • Close to downtown Kalamazoo, Near Metro Transit bus system
  • Access to scholarship money for conferences and training
  • Membership at Fletcher is open to everyone. The first step if you're interested is to fill out a free online application here
  • In the Vine Neighborhood at 302 W. Walnut, a short walk to downtown Kalamazoo.
  • Houses 8-9 co-op members with 8 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
  • All utilities included (energy, high speed internet, water, trash) Non-smoking.
  • We buy staple food items together (cost of shared food included in monthly payment!), with an emphasis on local, organic, and nutritious food. We prepare house dinners five nights a week with vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free options.
  • Access to community outdoor area with gardens, second story balcony, compost bin, and grill.

What to expect when you live at fletcher

I enjoyed meeting like-minded people in Kalamazoo. I enjoyed cooking with and for my roommates.
— former Fletcher member
  • Good food! Staple foods are available to members for shared dinners.
  • All members are collectively responsible for the well-being of the house.
  • Collective, consensus decision-making conflict resolution.
  • Group budgeting and financial decisions.
  • Always working to reducing our "ecological footprint" -- reducing waste, efficient use of resources, reducing dependence on nonrenewable resources, creating a healthy and nontoxic living environment.
  • Sharing skills and knowledge (ex: gardening, cooking, repair and maintenance, etc.).
  • Opportunities to participate in anti-racism training and critical cultural competency work with local nonprofit ERAC/CE.
  • Opportunities to connect with and learn from co-op members around the country through organizations like NASCO.
  • An emphasis on affordable living.
  • A friendly and fun atmosphere.

responsibilities of members

Fletcher members are committed to regular duties that are listed below. New members should expect to contribute 6 hours per week to a combination of responsibilities, examples include:
  • Prompt payment of monthly charges.
  • House meetings every week.
  • Cooking dinner.
  • Cleaning and chores.
  • House purchasing, event planning, treasurer.


Rooms cost between $461 and $553 per month (depending on room size) and includes lease, utilities, staple food items, internet, trash/recycle/compost service, water and common supplies (toilet paper, cleaning supplies, paper towels, etc). There is a one-time refundable security deposit equal to one month's rent.

We strive to be an inclusive community that welcomes all, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or spirituality. Together, we work toward dismantling oppression in our lives and communities.